Arkansas Large State Shape Rustic Wood Sign Hanger 17" x 15" Laser Engraving Options - Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary

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You will love this item! This is a unique addition to your home or office. What a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift! Our state shapes have been used for wedding registers, anniversary gifts, nursery decor, etc.

The size of the state shape is in our listing title. Each state is handmade and each board unique. Each state will look different from the photos, but the shape will be the same.

There are three wood choices.
- Natural Wood showing all wood grain, imperfections and knots.
- Gray Wash. This is painted. You will still see wood grains, imperfections and knots under the paint.
- Weathered Wood. This re-purposed wood has been weathered outdoors. The board colors will vary based on the wood type and aging time, etc. The colors range in gray, moss, brown, rust and other natural tones. Mother-nature "colored" the wood. We cannot promise or select a specific color or finish with this wood. It is not stained or painted.

The state outlines are laser cut. If you are not familiar with that process, a small laser beam burns through the wood to cut. This leaves the edges charred and dark. Laser engraving burns the wood's surface to etch. This burning process chars the wood. Charring may rub off when touched. If you want us to apply one coat of poly finish to seal the charring, just ask!

We laser engrave the text when personalized. We do not paint text.

You will receive a 1" wood star & heart with your state. You can paint and glue them on the state.

If you purchase the "attach wood home" option, we will add it on your state for you. Placement will be as seen in the first photo of this listing.

You may add text to your state. There are two options for adding up to two lines of text. You may add up to 15 characters per line, including spaces.

Enter the text the way you want it seen, i.e. all caps, all lowercase, initial caps.

We engrave in Times Roman font. This cannot be changed.

You will enter your custom information in the "Personalization" box before proceeding to checkout.

Horizontal Positioning
We engrave horizontally and position according to the state's shape in an upright position; not how is lays on a USA map.

Engraving Position Options
We engrave in the general area you select. Sorry, WE WILL NOT ENGRAVE AT A MAP LOCATION. This includes, cities, counties, landmarks, etc.
When you specify a location, use terms like lower left, upper right, upper center, etc.

Your state will have a wall hanger on the back. We try to align the state in an upright position. If you want to hang your state as it is slanted on a map of the USA, you will need to re-position the hanger when you receive the state shape.